Football NewsMonday 25th April 2016

Tottenham Hotspur Fan View: 3 reasons why Pochettino won't be joining Manchester United

Tottenham Hotspur Fan View: 3 reasons why Pochettino won't be joining Manchester United

Aheadof Tottenham’s vital clash with West Brom tonight, it’s time to pour some coldwater on those Pochettino to United rumours…

While the majority of Soccerland presumes that JoséMourinho will take over from saxophone enthusiast Louis van Gaal this summer,there remains a portion of the media who believe another coach is on the Manchester club’s radar, should theDutchman slip quietly into the managerial night next month: Tottenham’s MauricioPochettino.

Butwhy would he join United, I hear youcry. A good question. Here’re three damn fine reasons why Pochettino would becertified ceerazy to jump ship to OldTrafford.

Unitedprobably won’t be in the Champions League next year

Perhaps the most obvious case for Pochettino stayingat Spurs. Football is a cyclical beast, of course. Today’s success story mightbe tomorrow’s staring in the mirror and wondering what the hell happened. Justbecause United won’t be in the Champions League next season, doesn’t mean theirnumber is up permanently.

That said, in a new age of uncertainty for theLeague’s super clubs, a move to United would feel somewhat of a sideways leapfor Pochettino. It smacks of a terrible waste of energy to rocket Spurs intothe Champions League, only to step off the ride while it’s just gettinginteresting, for another soul-sapping Europa League campaign next season. He’sonly done half the job; would he reallywant to cash his chips in now? I suspect not.

United’sacademy is in decline

Pochettino’s knack for developing young talent isunmatched in the Premier League. You only need to look at England’s recent barnstormingvictory over the world champions, and the amount of featured players who’vevisibly improved under the Argentine’s watch, to realise how much of an influencehe’s had. Nathaniel Clyne, Adam Lallana, Eric Dier, Harry Kane, Dele Alli, DannyRose. It’s an impressive roll call.

At United, seemingly, the emphasis has changed.While Van Gaal must be credited for putting faith in gifted but unpolished youngsters— Rashford, Martial, Fosu-Mensah have all excelled thisseason— the overall condition of United’s academy is of some concern for Unitedfans.

Once a bottomless vending machine of fledglingtalent, it now appears as if their City rivals are the club more willing topump some of their considerable fortune into youth development. A recent investigationshowed that United’s academy costs a not-unsubstantial-£3.5m a year to run. Comparedto Man City, however, who’re outlaying a whopping £1m every month, the difference is clear.

Mauricio Pochettino has been linked with Manchester United and Real Madrid, but ex-Tottenham captain Ledley King …

Perhaps United might see Pochettino as the man tochange the model. Someone to be at the vanguard while the club refocuses itspriorities. Cultivating home-grown talent rather than throwing money atexpensive imports. But what guarantees would Ed Woodward be able to offer toPochettino that their philosophies were in sync? The United executive vice-chairman showsevery sign of being a quick-fix kind of operator.

He’sbuilding something great at Tottenham

Lastly, why would he want to leave Tottenham now? Unitedhave plenty to offer in terms of history and prestige. Not to mention acontract and transfer budget that could sink a fleet of super yachts. But isthat really Pochettino’s modus operandi? Perhaps Saints fans felt the same way beforehe fled the South coast, but it’s difficult to imagine the pursuit of a largerbank account is what keeps him awake at night.

Everything seems to be in place at Spurs. We’ve beenduped by the prospect of a New Dawn before, of course (we’re on Dawn #1,0123 bymy count) only to wake up to find someone had deposited a turd in our slippers:but this just feels different.

A newstadium on the way. A club structure that actually looks sustainable; alifeblood of hungry, young professionals whose ambitions aren’t centred on thenumber Jägerbombsthey can skull in some West London nightclub. They appear to be a groundedbunch of chaps, eager to succeed. And, importantly, succeed at Tottenham.

With Pochettino onboard it looks like a brightfuture. He talked in January about creatinga legacy at Spurs, perhaps moulding the club in his own image. Well,Mauricio. There’s still work to be done.