Soccer NewsMonday 27th March 2017

March is the Month to Make or Break Premier League Teams

March is the Month to Make or Break Premier League Teams

March is traditionally an important month for English teams, but in 2017, it can prove to be outright decisive. Virtually every single squad pins its hopes on the results of key matches played until the end of the month. Fans and punters alike are paying attention and watch with great interest how the most important bookmakers handle the games, as can be seen here. Fatigue, injuries and outright pressure make the outcome of each game difficult to predict, therefore more exciting.

Chelsea is the only team that looks set to fulfill its goal, but that’s because the Blues had just one objective for 2017. They were hell-bent on winning the Premier League and with a comfortable advantage at the top of the league, they are likely to succeed. All it takes to wrap it up is to win a couple of games and extend the winning streak against mediocre opponents.

At the opposite that of the spectrum we have Liverpool, who doesn’t play in any European competitions and is on the verge of losing the 4th place. If this happens they won’t qualify for the Champions League and Klopp and his players will be under tremendous pressure. Manchester United doesn’t fare any better and after suffering a disappointing elimination from the FA Cup needs victory in Europa League. Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial’s injuries and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s suspension could well ruin their season.

Leicester’s success story continues in the Champions League after a memorable victory over Sevilla. They were lucky to advance to the quarterfinals, but show overall weakness and the specter of relegation is still looming large. Arsenal and Tottenham both suffered humiliating eliminations from European competitions and only a Champions League berth can salvage their season. Manchester City hobbles on both fronts, but so far Guardiola is keeping the dream alive.