Amazing GoalsTuesday 14th June 2016

VIDEO: Luka Modric Cannon Propels Croatia By Turkey

Luka Modric is a player that deserves to be talked about. His leadership and play are key for Croatia to operate as a unit. He demonstrated his "magic" Saturday against Turkey when he helped Croatia grab 3 points and jump to the top of group D. After a high Turkey clearance, Luka Modric came springing down the middle to hit a top spinning volley that skipped past the Turkish goalkeeper. A volley we all dream about, exectuted perfectly by Modric. The fans were so excited that they couldn't help but jump in and celebrate on the pitch with the players too... Get this guy out of there and let the Croatians have their moment. From there, Modric and Croatia never looked back. One goal is all that they needed but indeed it was a special one. Luke Modric everyone! Enjoy!